Serial creator
Habitual learner.

Product Designer at Discord

Designing beautiful and usable products for hundreds of millions of people.

2016 — 2022


The global research platform that’s accelerating modern medicine’s greatest discoveries using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

At Flywheel I spent most of my time creating our complete design system and UI framework. This encompassed our entire product, and extends to marketing sites, branding, internal tooling and more.

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2022 —

Personal Rebrand

Developing a cohesive brand for myself.

For 2022 I made some adjustments to my personal branding. I've simplified my previous mark and designed the logo to be more balanced and proportional overall. Along with that redesign came this website as well!

2015 — Present


Driving the automotive community forward with a platform for car enthusiasts to socialize and explore the businesses, events and world around them.

I co-founded Carmmunity with a few like-minded enthusiasts in 2015 and have been responsible for our product design and cinematography.

2020 —


Fasetto creates technology solutions for an increasingly connected world.

I designed this purely as a creative exercise. This is an unofficial rebrand concept, complete with a website mockup.

2013 — 2016

Infinite Campus

The largest American owned student information system — managing over 8,000,000 students.

I designed and developed Infinite Campus's UI framework known simply as Campus UI. After successfully shipping other standalone products within the company, I was put in charge of creating their next-generation design system to be used by over 200 in-house developers.